In her childhood rural setting near Ithaca, New York, Kathryn Alexander relied on her imagination to entertain herself, and the seed of her artistic future was planted. She was exposed to art immediately by her mother, who has an extensive art background and now lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a woodcarver. Her early college education started at a community college in Upstate New York, but her undying need to create art led her eventually to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she would earn her Bachelorís in Fine Art degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts and Culture. Kathryn has been in select Santa Fe galleries and numerous juried art shows, including exclusive membership with Santa Fe Society of Artists and the Santa Fe Artistís Market. Her love of color, detail, and a unique ability to capture individual expression have been appreciated by those who have either purchased her work through galleries and shows or privately commissioned her to paint a wide range of beloved pets. Her newest acrylic paintings employ a greater variety of mediums and have a more gestural quality than her earlier work (which was more literal). She expresses the movement and complexity of various animals by building up numerous layers of textures, opaque and translucent colors in thick pastes, thin glazes, and gel mediums. Alternating between fine lines and broad strokes, she strategically allows the viewer to mentally fill in some of the details, resulting in a more mysterious and vibrant visual experience. Kathryn is looking forward to an exciting new season of shows across the Southwest, and is always open to new ideas in the limitless realm of possibilities of how her unique artistic expression can benefit animals and humankind everywhere.

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1-Wind Horse



4-Cosmic Interplay

5-Tell Us A Story

6-Life Blessing


8-Night Watchman


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