Jack Roberts majored in fine art at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and worked as a graphic artist and art director of an advertising agency. Beginning in 1969 he devoted himself to fine art, full time, with a professional studio. Jack, his wife Clarise and five children moved to Colorado in 1973 where he opened a studio in downtown Denver. There, his elegant and sculptural painted metal wall constructions attracted many corporate collectors. While in Colorado he began developing works on canvas. Gaining recognition for his large abstract colorist canvases in art-conscious California and the Southwest, Jack moved his studio to Palm Springs, Calfironia in 1986. From this desert base and through his extensive travel, he acquired a strong following in both the private and corporate sector. Jack Roberts is an artist deeply inspired by nature and driven by his passion to explore new places. Jack's paintings shimmer with an energy that reflects his highly charged personality and incurable wanderlust. In 1991, because of his love for the landscape he moved to Sedona, Arizona with its four mild seasons and intense natural beauty. Working outside his Sedona studio, Jack interprets the vivid red rock rim surrounding him, the landscape of the colorful California desert from his years in Palm Springs, as well as visual impressions from his travels to Tahiti, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Europe. “I paint the feeling of a place,” Roberts explains. “Certain locations inspire me with their history, architecture, color of light, botanical beauty and natural setting. Because I am moved by the totality of a place, my aim is not to render a pictorial reference, but to create a visual sensation.” Jack is represented in more than a dozen contemporary galleries nationwide and has been honored with numerous solo shows. His work has been accepted in international juried exhibitions with several museum awards. Jack Roberts' paintings are displayed in private and corporate collections throughout the world, including the Irvine Corporation, Johns-Manville, AT&T, IBM, TICOR, BlueCross/Blue Shield, Marriott Hotels, Mofag Automobile AG and Surber Metalbay AG in Switzerland.

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Honanki Ruin


Kachina Gap



Show Low

Tez Nez Iah





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